Ashridge Trading Company was registered in 2003 in the province of Ontario. Since then it started distribution in all over Greater Toronto Area. The Company had grown steadily from marketing a simple food product to a full line of general consumer products. With one eye on the future and the other on the needs of its customers, Sales carved a niche for itself aimed stiff competition from a variety of larger wholesalers. The market managed to differentiate itself from its competitors by developing a reputation for meeting the ever-changing needs of its retail partners. The Company distributes various consumer products and provides support services to a variety of retail formats including conventional supermarkets, multicultural stores and extreme value stores.

The reality is that we carry more inventory than we need. This
allows us to consistently meet demand and provide immediate delivery.

Our range of cooking utensils is at the very highest end of the market. For this reason, they are exported to every country in the industrialized world, where the demand for excellent quality is highest.

We carry more food inventory than need. This allows distributors to consistently meet demand and provide immediate delivery. Our service and reduce overall cost by improving response times.

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